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Professional service vs supermarket spot removers (what you should know about stain removal).

Welcome to Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd, your local stain removal specialist.

Sad but true: stains and spillages are part of our life. Mostly caused by our kids and our pets… Let’s face it – in many cases it’s our lack of attention, carelessness or rush life.

It’s extremely important to treat them stains carefully to be sure, that whatever you do – it will not set a stain. We always advise customers to avoid all them “magic solutions”, that you can buy in your local supermarket. We also suggest not to try a “DIY” methods, in most cases it will make our job extremely difficult at least. White paper or terry towel, blotting and cold water – they’re your best friends if something happens. That way it would still be the original stain, in many cases  reasonably easy to remove for us. But as soon as you mix it with spot removers from a supermarket shelf – the game is over.

Many times stains treated that way will reappear after few days… What’s even worse – chemicals used will start to attract dirt. As a result – you end up with even more visible stain.

You also should be extremely careful if you treat natural fibres like wool, cotton etc, as domestic methods could remove colour.

That’s just the few reasons you should use a professional stain removal service.

At Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd we know, how to treat stains. As experienced carpet cleaners we know, what kind of solutions would help to remove results of accidents. Just check results of our work, you can find them on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

We also offer our own brand stain removal solution, which has been proven to work extremely well on most food and water based stains. You can always buy them from us to be sure, that if something would happen between regular carpet and upholstery cleaning, you can handle that!!

Our professional stain remover is safe on most fabrics and carpets, including wool.

So contact us now, if you need stains to be professionally removed!!!

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