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Let Us Revive Your Carpets & Upholstery

Welcome to Raf’s cleaning Service Ltd, your local, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Whitefield since 2014.

We know, how hard you had to work to pay for your beloved carpets and upholstery… And how much you had to sacrifice to make your house look so lovely. Apparently carpets and furniture are one of the biggest investments, you will ever have to pay for in your life. Just ask local suppliers about prices or simply check a receipt for your last sofa or living room carpet. A proper cleaning will cost you a small percentage of what you paid and it will restore previous glory, obviously if it will be done by professional carpet cleaners in Whitefield area.

Well, maybe they are just items, but they made your home a place where you want to spend your time with your family. A place, that makes you proud to call it your home.

Let’s make it clear: you deserve to receive the best possible service.

As your local, trustworthy carpet cleaners in Whitefield, we do our best to keep your carpets and beloved upholstery clean. We’ve been providing 5* quality carpet and upholstery cleaning in Whitefield since 2014. Since then, we managed to get a reputation of very effective and reasonable priced cleaning specialists.

We know, how to recognise different types of fabrics and carpets and what kind of cleaning solutions and methods will be the best.

When it’s necessary – we go with a steam cleaning using a full power of our truck mounted cleaning system. But we also know when to clean your carpets and sofas using low Ph cleaning solutions and cold or warm water. This ensures a safe & long lasting clean for you to enjoy!

We’re the professional, steam carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Whitefield, well trained and experienced. That is why we know what to choose to get results. We have different cleaning solutions, different tools and we use different methods to get results that make you smile.

Feel free to take a look at our videos on YouTube .

Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd – your local carpet cleaners in Whitefield.

Please contact us now, if there’s anything we could help you with.

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